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The Department of Mechanical Science and Aerospace Engineering is a new department with its origins in the former Department of Mechanical Engineering, and was created after the reorganization of the Faculty of Science and Engineering in April 2007. The Faculty of Fundamental Science and Engineering focuses on foundational training, which means that applicants do not select a department at the time of the entrance examination. However, when students advance to the second grade, they are able to select a department. Please see here for information on entrance examinations by academic system.

Entrance examination guide

For a summary of undergraduate entrance examinations, please visit the university website (Admissions Center).

Scholarship awards

There are approximately 100 scholarships established by Waseda University. These are grant-type scholarships that can be used in conjunction with off-campus scholarships (Japan Student Services Organization, private organizations, and so on). The funds provided by loan-based scholarships must be returned after graduation, while grant-type scholarship funds do not need to be returned. All on-campus scholarships are grant-type scholarships, and the amount of awarded scholarships is the highest amongst all universities in the country. For details on each scholarship, please check the scholarship information magazine “Challenge”, which is available at the department office and explains the application methods, selection criteria, schedule, and so on.

Waseda University Scholarship Division website

Annual schedule for first grade students

April: Entrance Ceremony

The entrance ceremony marks the starting line for new students at the Faculty of Fundamental Science and Engineering. The journey to becoming a professional engineer begins here.

August: Open Campus

The facilities used for regular university classes and practical training are open to the public. Students will be able to experience the atmosphere of university classes and practical training. Please feel free to invite friends and family.

November: Science and Engineering Exhibition (Riko-ten)

The Riko-ten science festival organized by the Faculty of Science and Engineering will be held at the Nishi-Waseda Campus. Many events organized by various departments, laboratories, and clubs are held every year. Waseda Festival will also be held at the Waseda Campus on the same day.


March: Department Selection

First-year students select a department in the Faculty of Fundamental Science and Engineering, including the Department of Mechanical Science and Aerospace Engineering. In the second year, specialized subject courses will be offered by each department, and students will be exposed to more specialized knowledge.

April: Department Orientation (2nd year)

A briefing session and round-table conference with professors will be held during the orientation. Students can spend time with friends and experience the atmosphere of the department. In particular, when talking with professors, students will experience an aspect of the department that is different from the class environment.